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What is Nymphicus?
Nymphicus is a desktop client for the quite popular microblogging service Twitter* and (on Windows), Facebook, and Google Reader. It’s main design goals are being a native application (so no Java oder Adobe Air will be needed to be installed separately) using the modern technologies on both supported plattforms (which are .NET on Windows and Cocoa on Mac OS X).

What about Twitter API 1.1?
@Failabrion is working hard to migrate Nymphicus for Mac to the API 1.1. As Twitter already kicks clients at the 100.000 user limit we are not able to guarantee anymore that Nymphicus will stay working forever. The Windows version by @lighun currently is based on API 1.0 and @lighun has not finally decided about the migration to API 1.1. The underlying external library for Twitter already slowed down dramatically in development as it seems (we assume the developer is not amused about Twitter). So Twitter API 1.1 would need major changes on external (but at least Open Source) code.

What do I need to run Nymphicus?
Nymphicus for Windows runs on any Windows system with .NET Framework 4.0 full installed. It is tested on Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 32 Bit and 64 Bit as well as on Windows 8 (sorry, I don’t have Vista here for testing).
Nymphicus for Mac is sold on the App Store and needs at least Mac OS X 10.6.6 (which is the first version with App Store…)

What does Nymphicus cost?
It is priced at 3.99 EUR for the Windows version (which is currently as of June 2011 round about 5 USD) and 4.49 EUR for the Mav version (the difference is out of the recent price changes in the Mac App Store). The license is bound to the iTunes-account (Mac) or any if your social network usernames (Windows) and is in both cases valid for as many Macs or PCs as you like.
On Windows it is licensed against one of your social network accounts. If you have multiple you only need to pay for one of them to activate Nymphicus for an unlimited number of accounts.

Where can I get help?
See my extra feedback page.

Nymphicus crashes, does not display things right, has problems, …?
Please visit our feedback page. Normally the fastest response will be when you send me a post on or a tweet on Twitter.

Why Paypal on Windows?
When I decided to release Nymphicus (and Winslew too) under a commercial license I really searched the market for a billing provider. Long story short version: Paypal is the only I found which accepts nearly every possible payment (you even don’t need register with Paypal to purchase Nymphicus) and which doesn’t take to many fees (I found quite some interesting billing providers but if you live in Germany you have to pay much money for overseas transactions). The main thing was/is that I wanted to have very low price for Nymphicus without spending to much to the provider.
On the Mac we have the App Store so the option has been quite clear.

When has the first version of Nymphicus been released?
The first 1.0 release has been shipped in early June 2011.

Are Windows and Mac versions equal?
Michael and I are developing both versions separately to have the optimum integration on both platforms. Also the used frameworks do differ quite strongly so some things are just not possible on one or the other version right now.
We have a vision of what Nymphicus makes unique and this feature set will be available on both versions. Also our goal is to get both versions as close together as possible but this is not the main goal.

Why do I need to install the .NET 4.0 “full” on my Windows machine?
Modern Windows versions are delievered packaged with a .NET 4.0 version called “client profile”. We would have loved to use this widely already installed framework version but there is one extremely important component missing in this stripped down package so we need the full version (which you get here).

How do I reset my settings completely on Windows?
There might be a time when you want to fully reset your Nymphicus for Windows to factory default (no account, no Views, …). In order to do so please quit any running instance and then navigate into the following folder: “C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\li’_Ghun\Nymphicus.exe_Url_SOME_RANDOM_STUFF\” where is the version you are having installed currently. There is a shortcut to reach the “local” folder faster:  in the startmenu click “Run” and enter “%LOCALAPPDATA%”.
Delete the file user.config here to fully reset your installation.

How do I enable debug mode in Nymphicus for Windows?
Nymphicus for Windows has an integrated debug option which will open an extra window displaying what is going on in detail and which might help me to fix problems on your side,
To enable it open your Windows Explorer (the one for the files ;)) and navigate to “C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\liGhun\Nymphicus” (there is a shortcut: in the startmenu click “Run” and enter “%APPDATA%” and you will be in the Roaming folder already).
Create an empty file in this folder called “DebugMessages.enabled”. On next start of Nymphicus an extra window will open logging all stuff which also has buttons to copy everything or dump it to a file to send it to me.

* Twitter currently is shutting down third party clients step by step so we can’t predict how long the Twitter integration will stay available within Nymphicus!