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Yes, Nymphicus for Windows 1.2.1 is already out and has quite many new featues:

  • When composing a Tweet an autocomplete for Twitter username and hashtags is now included (UserVoice 2364163)
  • When notification via streaming about deletion of a status by another user is received this status is removed from Nymphicus
  • You can delete now your own tweets
  • You can now edit your own tweets (which in fact deletes the old one and posts a new one)
  • Minimize to tray option added (UserVoice 1091051)
  • url shortening added (login needed – former Pro)
  • New notications (if Snarl is used):
  • – new follower (UserVoice 2364157)
  • – item favorited
  • Snarl / notifications part in the preferences as many user miss that feature till now
  • UserInfo dialog now has compose mention and compose dm buttons (UserVoice 2427292)
  • CPU consumption now really dramatically reduced in all cases
  • RAM consumption reduced (more to come in next releases)
  • Setup info text if .NET 4.0 is not installed now much more friendly

Or have a look at the video showing the most important changes: