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Nymphicus for Mac 1.1 just hit the Mac AppStore and it got not only stability updates and bugfixes, but several new features:

1) German localization has been added.


2) Support for ReadItLater, Instapaper, Delicious and Pinboard: Send URLs in Tweets to these services



3) TwitLonger support added: Send Tweets which are longer than 140 characters. View complete TwitLonger-Text as tooltip.



4) Support for key shortcuts:
⌘N for a new Tweet
⌘I lets you upload an image
⌘S shortens all URLs in your Tweet
⌘+Enter to send Tweet
⌘S to open search window
⌘R to manually refresh tweets
⌘, to open Preferences

5) You can now configure your Growl notifications for every single account, list and saved search

6) Not new but not mentioned until now officially: Nymphicus for Mac is fully compatible with Mac OS X Lion (this has been true for 1.0 already)