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You might have noticed that I recently changed all texts refering to Twitter now are marked with a comment about Twitter is closing the API for external client at the 100.000 user limit. While Nymphicus is not next to that limit somewhen it might reach it. Because of this (and all over this homepage) I added the text that we are very uncertain about the future of Twitter in Nymphicus!


Nymphicus for Mac is currently being migrated to API 1.1 and will then be working with 100.000 tokes – after that and based on we read everywhere it will stop working for new accounts.


Nymphicus for Windows is not only Twitter but also, Facebook, and Google Reader (more possibly to come). So to be honest I have currently no real motivation to do any work in the Twitter part.


Oh wait, there is one motivation: the existing customers! They are the reason why I not simply drop Twitter in Nymphicus at all (I really think about that – sad, isn’t it?). For sure I don’t invest my very little free time (this is a hobby project and I work much more than 40 hours per week an my daily normal job) in something the provider (Twitter) seems to hate me for. So I will see to fix bugs and let the Twitter part be available as long as I can.

But all the innovation and new cool stuff are now in the other networks – and there the most important for me is!