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The first update of Nymphicus for Windows has just hit the download server and can now be installed by you. And here are all changes in this update:

1) Read It Later, Instapaper, and sending of single links or complete tweets has been added to the enhanced context menu



2) Twitlonger is now integrated – so if you write a tweet with more than 140 characters it is automatically shortened. The other way round if someone write a Twitlonger text it is shown in full in the list window directly – no extra clicking on the (cont) link needed



3) In general there are quite some new context menu items – e. g. the possibility to decide which of your accounts you want to use to retweet a tweet.


4) Links in info boxes are now always clickable


5) And here the rest of the changelog:

  • Streaming interface error handling greatly improved
  • Sending in compose window not triggered by presseing Return but Ctrl+Return now (to write multiline tweets)
  • Update available window now more polished
  • Startup account verification now background thread -> windows stays accessible and its faster
  • Search in search window now a background thread -> window stays usable during search
  • Create view window of First Start Wizard greatly enhanced and now used also when adding a view in preferences
    • select all
    • invert selection
    • select all of one kind at once
  • Update check is now a background thread and does not slow down startup anymore
  • New list creation window nicer design, name textbox max length 25 chars (limit from Twitter) and if an error occures the info about is shown in a message box
  • Number of items in the main window is now limited to save RAM – for now to 500 items in maximum (if more the oldest are not shown)
  • Compose window now has TopMost-flag to be (if possible) in front of all windows currently open
  • Fix: Setup did not create start menu entries and first start was done on wrong user account if using non privileged account on Vista/7
  • Fix: Edit lists window did not show correct list of lists directly after opening
  • Fix: Filter were not applied on items directly loaded on startup but only for updates
  • Fix: Retweets done using the actions menu in a Snarl notification were not shown (updated) in list window
  • Some more smaller bugfixes

Nymphicus for Mac 1.1 will follow in a few days…