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Finally we announce today the immediate availability of Nymphicus for Windows 1.3 with its three main enhancements:

  • new account type: Google Reader
    Integrate your RSS news stream directly into your Tweets and Facebook messages
  • Facebook display reworked
    Facebook items are now much nicer displayed and features all the stuff which has been hidden until now
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Do mostly everything important without even touching your mouse

Additionally I spent really much time on stability (which became an issue with my up to ten accounts I use personally) and next to that on performance. It’s even faster than it has been before.

Also I used the great service to unshorten all links in tweets. But this service has been discontinued recently and so I reenabled my “old” code doing it on my own and we are up and running again – and that also much(!) faster.

The next release I am already working on will be mainly about interface refinements – I have had some great feedback with awesome ideas on how to reorganize the interface which has been quite cluttered with all the new account buttons added recently.

Finally I have to say I had a serious server crash last week here on my dedicated server (for the pros: I ended up needing to start over with fresh kernel & Grub configuration) and there might be some issues left. So if you encounter anything not looking right here on the webpage let me know…

The keyboard shortcuts:

o Main window
Ctrl + t – open compose new tweet window
Ctrl + n – open compose new Facebook status window
Ctrl + s – open Twitter search window
Ctrl + r – Refresh all accoounts
Ctrl + f – select the filter textbox
Ctrl + o – select the view combobox

o Compose new tweet window
Ctrl + s – shorten all links
Ctrl + i – add an image
Ctrl + o – select the account combobox
Escape – close window
Ctrl + enter in textbox sends the tweet

o Compose new Facebook status window
Ctrl + t – select message textbox
Ctrl + l – select link textbox
Ctrl + o – select the account combobox
Escape – close window
Ctrl + enter in textbox sends the message