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Nymphicus for Windows 1.4.2 is now available for download.

This minor release mostly covers some bugs which might cause crashes but also includes some current user wishes:

  • Scrolling to Tweet Marker position when just leaving the window (and not changing the View) removed
  • Tooltip of username in a tweet item box now shows username and fullname
  • Main window and icon (only Vista and above) now show the new items count if window is not in focus / activated
  • Link to docmentation in first start wizrd now visible
  • Fix: Saving proxy settings in First Start Wizard was not reliable
  • Fix: Searches and list results have not always been filtered as expected on initial startup fetch
  • Fix: Possible crash when tweet is deleted

The new items display looks like this:

(and if you read the tweets in the screenshot: yes, I do love the design of MetroTwit ;))