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This release took quite some days an has not one single new “real feature”. When I released Nymphicus for Windows with Tweet Marker support as the first and only Windows client at all the number of users increased dramatically – this is awesome. On the other hand quite some of you found bugs having been unheard of before. And this is what 1.4.3 is all about: fixes, fixes and fixes.

And this is also what all upcoming 1.4.x releases will be – if you find more bugs (I don’t hope so but am realistic…) they will be fixed – and no or only features will be added so we are now in something like a “Snow Nymphicus” phase here 🙂

In parallel I do extend my work on the 2.0 line which will be – as promised – all about design. Many of you like all the  features Nymphicus has but the current design – what shall I say… Those following @liGhun might have seen already some first screenshots and mockups and this will be the place where you see it first.

That said here the changelog of Nymphicus 1.4.3

  • Better scroll behaviour: if new items are received the current topmost shown item will never been scrolled out of sight (it will go some steps down but not out of sight anymore).
    this also means the scrolled to Tweet Marker position now stays visible
  • Read It Later renamed to Pocket
  • All settings are now saved every 90 seconds to be sure changes won’t be lost when Nymphicus crashes
  • All settings are now saved if the preferences window is closed regardless if done via Save button or by the window close button
  • Fix: Accounts are now saved more often to make sure they are available on next restart in all possible cases
  • Fix: Possible crash on new Twitter item retrieval
  • Fix: Missing Snarl notifications classes on first start
  • Fix: Possible crash on long running instances (as well es edited/delete tweet) related to the maximum number of concurrent displayed items
  • Fix: Crashes on tweet sending will now be catched. If you encounter an error message please send it to me for further investigation
  • Fix: Notification of new likes on empty text Facebook items now shown correctly
  • Fix: New items icon badge & window title now more reliable
  • Fix: If some invalid data is send through streaming interface Nymphicus does not crash anymore
  • Fix: Clicking the retweet button in an UserInfo window recent item crashed (you wouldn’t believe how much code needed to be changed for that fix ;))
  • Fix: In some rares cases a tweet was shown as being retweeted where it wasn’t and displayed some random text
  • FIx: Stability in many places