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I just uploaded Nymphicus for Windows to the download server and updated the integrated auto updater information. This release is a minor update addressing a stupid bug I added in 1.4.3 (hashtags lost their ability to open the corresponding search window) and adds two new context menus.

The first context menu is on the sending client name on the bottom of each tweet. Using it you now are able to easily add a filter for that client (you might want to call it “mute that client”:

And while doing so I added the same type of context menu to the hashtags – so you now can mute a hashtag with one click:

And here is what they will do – they create a filter and at them automatically to your currently used View:

Oh, and the new feature in 1.4.3 to maintain the scroll position is now optional (turned on by default).

Finally if you wonder where my normal faster pace has been the last days – I am just relocating which is hard enough by itself so the time on the PC is next to zero (even the Mac time is very low).

But it is even worse – my local ISP (Deutsche Telekom) completely f***ed up my relocation (they simply lost my order) and as the German ISP market is a mess I will be offline for some weeks (I hope to be back by the end of June – but no guarentee at all) – I only do have EDGE (2G) in my new home 🙁
So please be patient with me for that time…