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Many of you might have read about all the mess Twitter wanting to kill all “traditional twitter clients”. While I really think this decission will kill Twitter itself on the long run (at first only the heavy users will leave – but we are the multiplicators…) I have had to think about the consequences.

Now I have come to a conclusion for myself: I stopped all the already done work on Nymphicus for Windows which was focused on the modularization in preperation for Nymphicus Basic and Metro.
As new clients (which they would be) make no sense currently the modularization does not make that much sense anymore (except of cleaning up of course).

Sounds sad and it is for sure – but there is a big plus: I now will work on the “old” 1.4.4 codebase and so I immediately can do all the layout changes I planned already since ages. So there will be a Nymphicus for Windows 2.0 – but it is back to the original focus: redesign. So today I did spend the first two hours and this is what I have already and the direction it will move on:

And next to that I now will finally continue my work on the longterm planned MenerĂ© – a Google Reader client. And also there an important decission has taken place: I will start doing it as a Windows 8 app from scratch (traditional window layout later on). I am excited to play with it!