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Remember when I wrote Nymphicus for Windows 2.0 will be mostly about a newly designed user interface? Well, that is still true but while having had much time offline (relocation + ISP chaos) there came a second important change to my mind which is what I am currently working on.

Nymphicus 1.x is mainly a one file fits all solution – its overview looks as simple as following:

While this concept is quite easy to maintain while you only have this one client there is the problem that as soon as you (me ;)) start to think about new ideas it is very limited.

So currently all my work is dedicated to the part of splitting Nymphicus into several files. Let’s show the concept here in another overview image:

So the main thing about this concept is the Nymphicus.Core.dll I currently work at.

This DLL handles all the main stuff (having accounts of several types, retrieving items, sending items and whatever is possible in the different service (favorite, like, …).

Secondly I want to once again contribute to the Open Source community and do extract all the external services (currently Pocket, Instapaper, and Pinboard) into an own project which than will be in the future an easy way for any .NET application to embed those sharing services (for example I will add them to Winslew then…).

When the creation of those DLLs is completed (it’s still quite a lot work) I also will have the basement to create a Nymphicus family all sharing the same Nymphicus.Core.dll. And how do I plan to use them?

Well, first I will work on a “Nymphicus Light”. There is still no simple small and great Windows Twitter client available so this is what the light version will be – one account, traditional layout (tabs for timeline, mentions, DMs, …) and as lightweight as possible (e. g. I won’t use WPF there as it tends to use a lot (!) of RAM.

And second with the upcoming Windows 8 a Metro version would be awesome, wouldn’t it? (This is a real question – I am not convinced about what I saw in all the betas and previews…) I think the idea of Views would be a great match to Metro – every View could have an own tile.

So my current main problem is that as long as I work on the concepts I simply have nothing to show (screenshots and so on) – as soon as the work is done there I’ll focus on the new and cleaner user interface and then we’ll have many screenshots and hopefully some public betas.

Enough said for today – see you soon.