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Now that the internal interfaces in Nymphicus for Windows have been successfully updated to be as flexible as possible to integrate new services into Nymphicus the main question for me is: where to start?

Of course Google+ would be my first choice but Google still has no real API to access it – I really can’t see what they are thinking about how to become a competitor of Twitter and Facebook if they miss such an important feature. And as far as I can say the Google+ usage is already decreasing 🙁

So I picked up a user request and decided to add something completely different for a combination unseen on the market right now. I do now add Google Reader directly into Nymphicus (including the complete Views-concept and so on). The great thing that my first own bigger desktop app I ever did is my open source client to Google Reader so I have the integration done already for simple retrieval of unread items. I plan right now to make a small release quite soon with this simple solution and then go a step forward.

This step will mean I already invested now quite some hours into my next (and planned since many years…) project which will be called Meneré. Meneré will be a feature complete Google Reader client with a complete new underlying library for communicating with Google Reader.

In general you can top wishes about services, social networks and so on now you want to have been added. LinkedIn will be sure one of the next too…