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I am very happy that my own topmost wanted feature is now included into Nymphicus for Windows. Starting with 1.4 Nymphicus now syncs the current state of your read tweets using the great service Tweet Marker. This means if you both use a Twitter client like Tweetbot on the iPhone and Nymphicus for Windows they both scroll to the same position where you stopped reading in the other client.

But it doesn’t stop here – just when I was about to go over to my work on Nymphicus 2.0 one of my favorite new social services called announced that they are going to release an API. Of course I immediately started to create a .NET client to (and released it as Open Source) and integrated it fully into Nymphicus with all its advantages like Views, filters and so on. is all about quoting articles in the web – just head over to there website and get an account now. As you might know me I created a short video (OK, it’s more than four minutes) to show all the integration of into Nymphicus.

Great new stuff, isn’t it? And we have even more.

First I have to say we missed a feature of Twitter more or less completely (since we used it differently than many other users): The favorites had been second class citizens. From now on they are first class citizens which means they are fetched seperately (meaning you get many from the past), can be selected in Views and do have an own filter quick filter button.

Second I extended Facebook in an important way: Now all comments are fetched on first retrieval which brings us to the point that Nymphicus knows if you liked or commented an entry yourself or not. And this is very important as you now can tune your Snarl settings to handle them different (e. g. just don’t show them if you didn’t like or comment the status).

Finally a small (one line of code!) but important change: the limitation to have only two streaming Twitter accounts is gone. And because of this we need much less API calls (which are rate limited) and so the update interval goes down from four minutes to 90 seconds.