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As promissed on my last blog entry I will continue to feature some of the features of Nymphicus every few days. Of course the main unique feature itself will be the last one. Today we’ll have a look at the lists support built into Nymphicus.

Lists are one of the Twitter features which nearly nobody really uses as nobody knows about them and most clients just don’t really support them. This was true for myself too – I had a typical “TestList” on my account, added some users and never came back.

While implementing the list features (remember the promise that Nymphicus will support all available new features of Twitter?) and thinking where I could need lists in my client I simply added it everywhere where it made sense to me and just right now I started using lists personally as I just can reach them quite easily and fast.

Nymphicus has a complete lists management – meaning you can create lists, remove lists add users to lists and also remove users from lists. This is where I started – implement all available features in one list configuration window. But now I add lists support to all places where it makes sense to me (and I might find some more over the time). The main thing is that I have a user info dialog showing all about a users (number of tweets, following status and so on). In Nymphicus you can directly out of this window add this user to one of your lists. Or even better: you can create a list right there and add the use instantly to it.

The main thing why lists are more fun than with any other client (or even the Twitter homepage) is the main concept of Nymphicus which is called “Views”. But this feature will be explained another time…

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