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As the release of Nymphicus 1.0 is getting closer quite fast the today’s teaser is about the “top secret” feature of Nymphicus which makes Nymphicus different to all other Twitter clients.

The starting point of Nymphicus has been me being very unhappy with all available Twitter clients if you have multiple accounts, saved searches or lists. You either have clients where you always click between different lists of items (e. g. the official Twitter client / Tweetie) or have quite big windows with multiple lists which fill more or less your entire screen (like Tweetdeck).

So my idea has been to create a new way the user can customize easily what is the most important to him (or her) to get exactly those items displayed in one single list at once while hiding the not so important stuff in another view. I think I’ll start by giving you two screenshots of the view preferences in both the Mac and Windows version to give you a first idea what it looks like:

Win_View_AllAccount Mac_View_allAccounts.png

So the concept of a view is to collect all the different types of tweets from all you accounts, lists and searches and view them together. To give you some examples I list here some views we already use ourself:

  • All main data: All timelines, mentions, direct messages and retweets from all our accounts
  • Chat: All mentions and direct messages from all accounts (so in this view you have everything together you may need/want to answer
  • Nymphicus: Here we collect all from the account @liGhun plus some searches like “#Nymphicus” and a list with all beta testers of Nymphicus to not miss news about Nymphicus
  • Win_View_Nymphicus Mac_View_Nymphicus.png
  • Snarl: As me being contributor for Snarl on Windows I have a view which combines @TlhanGhun, @SnarlNotifier and some searches like “#snarl” plus I do have some lists where I collect users known to be power users of Snarl
  • Lists: A collection of all lists I am subscribed to

I think you got it now. On daily use I am now able to see fast all the items which I am interested right now without having to fill my screen with a big client or needing to click to different accounts and subtypes all the time.

The main window has a dropdown where you can choose to change the currently displayed view easily.

Win_View_NymphicusInMainswindow Mac_View_NymphicusInMainWindow.png

As a bonus point Nymphicus also has the ability to filter within views – so you can define which accounts and/or words you don’t want to see in you view while they might be interesting in another view.