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Now that Winslew 1.3 has hit the road and seems like to be quite stable (at least I didn’t get any negative feedback until now and used it myself very much on a long train trip this week) it’s time to think about what the next version shall feature. First of all I have one last user request open on UserVoice in the moment: auto refresh the items list and (optional) hiding to tray icon – see UserVoice 568661.

Next I want to tune a little bit the design of the interface – e. g. the two search fields do work as they should but look a little bit ugly I think.

Third and in the moment most important to me is some changes in license key handling. While license key handling itself works without any problems I do have a major problem on how I get the license keys out to you when you have purchased Winslew. I already have had several buyers who had trouble getting the license key using email – spam filters tend to be very aggressive these days 🙁 Even worth I had several buyers whose given email address in the Paypal payment have been invalid and the sent license keys came back not able to be delivered. Here I want to enhance my license key generator (yes, it’s an own program with a modern user interface :)) to not only send the email but also store the license key in a database here on Winslew itself than shall check on startup if it already knows a license key – and if not ask this database to automatically download the license key and store it.

While this will solve the problems in the future I still have some license keys open whose sending has been failed. As I don’t have any other way to reach those buyers I decided to just write them down here – nobody else can do something with those keys so why not show it public…

  • Robert Smith 1831: Please send me your Read It Later user account name
  • Sophie: e545876b4b
  • Scott: f4237c5ef4

If you also are waiting for a license key and already checked your spam filter – drop me an email and I will add your code here too.
Finally: Please submit wishes at UserVoice – I wanna extend Winslew to fulfill all your requirements 🙂