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ChapperMainWindowFirstReleaseDuring the holidays I started a new project called Chapper which is a small Windows desktop client. Its design goal is to make it as small as possible with exactly the features needed for using with one account.

But all the users (and possible users) might ask now: why another client next to Nymphicus and by the way: shouldn’t you spend your time into finishing Nymphicus 2.0 finally?

Well, the goal of Chapper is different: small, fresh structure and easily to be changed by me. Nymphicus has grown much during the two years it is developed now (remember: on start it was “only” a Twitter client) and therefor anything I change or add there has consequences in many places (does it work with multiple accounts, all account types, Views, filters, ….) which slowed down everything recently.

So I decided to have a “playground” to try new features and changes at a much (!) smaller codebase and also wanted to have a testing implementation of my Open Source(!) .NET client library I released earlier this year. Some examples: the authorization code is completely rewritten und will be part of the next Nymphicus 2.0 Beta as well as the layout within Chapper is already based on  a theme (which will be in Nymphicus 2.0 final too).

You see Chapper is my way of speeding things up again with Nymphicus – having very few free time (remember everything here is my hobby next to my normal job and my family) is always a challenge.

Finally Chapper will be commercial. It’ll be EUR 1,89 which I think is a fair pricing.
And an important note: licenses for Nymphicus will also be valid for Chapper. Boom!
I don’t want to push anyone to pay a second time!