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Long time ago in a far … no, wait, not that long ago but quite some months now Nymphicus didn’t get any real update.
But today my little bird is flying again – and even higher than anytime before: Nymphicus for Windows 2.1 has been released!

This update has been so overdue that the changelog is so long that I only will point out the most important points (or, to be honest, all of them I do remember :)).

Let’s start with my favorite social network – the part of Nymphicus is for sure the one with the most changes. This is mainly because of Chapper (and Spinnaker) having been my playground in testing new festures in a “small” environment – but now it’s payday and all the stuff is coming back to Nymphicus.

But the first (and in my opinion) most important feature is one Chapper does not have (till now, stay tuned :))

  • Nymphicus now supports user streaming for
    This means you retrieve new posts and messages immediately now. When you have seen it in action you don’t wanna live with the old up to 90 seconds delay anymore 🙂

The second one is from Chapper and Spinnaker

Also the third one is something already seen with Chapper

  • Image uploading using the File-API is now included
    (and also images are shown inline and when hovering with the mouse over them they are shown in full)
    Insert adn Image Apn images preview

Now again a feature only Nymphicus has

  • Repost (and favorite) a post using another account than the retrieving one (this one might stay within Nymphicus only – Chapper is a single account client as you know…)
    Repost and star with other account

And a long overdue one

  • Account colors now do work with account
    so you see which account has been the retrieving one immediately
    Account colors

And a final small one for

  • the new logo is used instead of the Alpha logo
    Apn logo

That’s it for But even as I don’t will push the Twitter part anymore (you know why, don’t you?) I of course stabilize stuff in there so here is a quite important fix

  • Retrieving saved search results works again
    Twitter search repaired

A very short one for Google Reader

  • Google Reader has been removed completely
    (I’ll think about adding some RSS later on – but not before someone places a wish for that :))

And some general stuff

  • The quick filters (the button which used to be in the upper right corner) has been completely rewritten and is now a dropdown menu
  • … and has been added to the quick filters
  • … and those quick filters now feature a “show only post with images” filter – I think I will extend this part later on 🙂
    Filter rewritten

Finally much (oh yeah, really much) code refactoring, smaller design changes and many bugfixes. I think in sum the changes are quite bigger than those from 1.4 to 2.0 by the lines of new code 🙂

Oh, one more think – as I have posted during the development phase:

Nymphicus for Windows is now 4.99 € and Chapper is now 2.99 €. I should have written this in the middle of the post as I learned recently in the “Sandwich method” – but who cares 🙂