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After more than a month of coding, testing and documentation I am happy to finally release Winslew 1.3 today. So here what’s new:

1. New cache view “Full”
Next to Online, Less and More I have added a fourth view called “Full”. This view trys to fetch as much as possible from the page for offline view. This includes stylesheets and images.
ViewSelector ViewFull

2. Styles for “More” and “Less” view
Until now those two views where always black on white. With Winslew 1.3 I added the option to choose between different styles including a reverse view white on black. You also can define own styles which are simple Cascading Stylesheet files. See the new extra manual for creation of new styles.


Important: Styles are only available on newly created or updated caches.

3. Print page
print You now can send the current view to the printer

4. Change title
changeTitle You now can change the title of an item

5. Better list view
The list view has been slightly enhanced

6. Cache creation is background process now
Cache creation already took quite some time but this became even worse with the new Full view. Because of this cache creation is now an own background process which will take place while you already can browse your items and there cache (if already created at that moment of course).

7. Better documentation
Or should I say documentation at all? Anyway – the documentation page has been reworked completely and now really features all functions of Winslew.