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It’s done – since a few minutes Winslew 1.5 has been added to the download page and the auto updater of Winslew will now inform every users of an older version about this new release.

This release is focused on two major ideas:
1. Getting all wishes in UserVoice done and
2. give it a nicer style at all

So let’s see what’s new:

Pastebin integration
First of all I added an integration with the text upload service Pastebin to Winslew. So you now can upload any text (either an existing text file, something you have per copy&paste or just write it yourself) to this service and it’ll be added to your Read It Later list automatically. Here is what it looks like:
UserVoice 828593

Minimize to tray icon
You now can choose in the preferences that Winslew shall vanish to the tray icon area instead of the task bar. So you save space on your screen and using its context menu have access to the most wanted features like adding items or refreshing the list.
UserVoice 1091051

Auto refresh
You now can choose in the Preferences an interval which is used by Winslew to automatically refresh the list with your Read It Later account.
UserVoice 568661

Online license retrieval
I have created a database here on this webpage which stores all your license codes. If you didn’t enter a license code but you have already purchased Winslew the license code will be retrieved by Winslew automatically on next start of the application. Just to be complete: Of course I do not send you username or any other personal data over the net for this retrieval.
UserVoice 828601

Add currently shown webpage to Read It Later
If you use the built in browser not only to view content but also to browse through the web you now have a new button on top of every page which is not already in your list to directly add it to your RiL list.
UserVoice 828587

OK, that’s all about the great new features. Next as I said already I decided to give Winslew a complete redesign (or to be honest: I decided to change one small thing – than a second, a third and in the end changed everything). You already may have noticed it on the screenshots above. I use now a different icon set for all the buttons, have created a new Winslew application icon (which fits more to lI’ ghun) and changed the color scheme at all. I hope you like it 🙂

And one more thing:
lI’ ghun now has not only an own Twitter account (@liGhun) but also a Facebook profile where you can get the latest news as well as can contact me directly (and you can of course like it if you want).

I want to thank all customers for using Winslew and all beta testers for their great feedback.