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As having promised last week I just finished the final works on Winslew 1.6 and you can get it from my download page. Your auto update notifier shall give you this news on next Winslew restart too.
Winslew 1.6 is about two major enhancements. The first is more or less invisible under the hut but for me personally it was one the biggest wished since I started with Winslew (which turns one year in two days as I just saw). With Winslew 1.6 the rendering of the webpages and caches is no more done by the Windows included renderer (which is Internet Explorer in fact) but instead I ship it with a builtin WebKit based browser. This gives us a much faster browser (still can’t believe the difference) which is more standards compliant and those not bug you always with some script errors or similar. You won’t see it directly but you’ll gonna feel it.

The second one is a feature request I got on UserVoice (it’s #1336245) which asked for some keyboard shortcuts for faster and easier use. When starting this feature I thought “how hard can it be” but while I implemented it I found places to optimize again and again and again so in the end it took a little bit longer but I think you can now do most of not all by keyboard in Winslew. This starts with every button in Winslew 1.6 main window having a keyboard shortcut now but also means that most of the dialogs (tag editing, title changes and so on) now react on the Escape-key to close immediately as well as triggering the Save/OK button on pressing Enter (if all required data is entered already). Also the input cursor is now placed in the best fitting textbox on opening a new dialog.
But I didn’t stop here and thought of enhancements in every Window and the best example of small but cool additions is the “Add new page”-window. In Winslew 1.5 the only nice feature was that a URL in the clipboard automatically has been inserted into the textbox. With 1.6 this is still the case but Winslew 1.6 also tries to discover the title of the linked webpage now and places it into the title textbox.

As last small enhancement I wanna mention that you can now change the colors of the list view to be more lighter for better readability. This has been wish #133649 on UserVoice – so if you have wishes for one of the next releases you see there is the right place to store them. I try to put as many of them in my next releases every time 🙂