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About us

lI’ Ghun is a fantasy name (in fact it is Klingon) but who are the real people behind lI’ Ghun and Nymphicus?

We are two guys out of Germany (Bavaria to be more specific) both having a normal fulltime job (Augsburg and Munich).

Sven is the founder and owner of lI’ Ghun which came to live with the first ideas for Winslew and writing a first non Open Source application. He is also quite involved in the Snarl community where also most of his Open Source Projects under the name Tlhan Ghun are located. In real life he is a Consultant for a portal solution, has “only” Macs in private life and hacking on Windows is his hobby.

Michael is a software developer and friend of Sven. When Nymphicus for Windows was started he joined to create the Mac version. He’s doing .NET stuff all day in the office and wanted to create something for the Mac (which he also uses as his main home computer).

So Nymphicus / lI’ Ghun is our hobby and our hope is that we’ll get enough money to pay all bills (server, domains, Apple developer access) – there is of course the dream to make enough money for living but that’s quite far away from reality and we are realistic 🙂

Made in Germany