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Well, this update has been overdue quite some time now but in the end I am back and finally here it is: Nymphicus for Windows 2.2!

This version is mainly a bugfix release with some nice new small additions as well as changes according to the current reality of the Twitter ecosystem. So what’s new?

New features

  • Option to start Nymphicus minimized (in fact a user wish some time ago)
    Minimize on startup
  • Thumbnails of embedded images are now shown for Twitter
    Inline image preview
  • Images are now uploaded to Twitter image service
  • Compose: When an image is attached to a Tweet a small preview is shown on the upload button
    Image upload preview
  • Compose: An added image to a tweet can now be removed again by clicking on the upload button with the right mouse button
  • Thumbnail size of images now bigger and the same as in Twitter

Functional changes

  • Removed TweetMarker (commercial license needed) – I am aware this used to be a big plus in the past 🙁
  • Removed all automatic scrolling code (which was the main source of temporarily freezing application)
  • Updated about window to show the actually used libraries
  • Added additionial optional debug output on Twitter timeline retrieval
  • Removed TwitPic upload option
  • Temporarily removed url unshortening for external services except Twitters own one
  • Switched to .NET 4.5 (faster)


  • Different compose buttons are now only shown if Twitter/Facebook/Apn account exists
  • Possible empty Views on parsing problems of Tweets – now they are simply skipped
  • When following a new user the user info is updated
  • The boarder around items did not fit into window on Windows 8
  • Now the counter of characters left is right again as it is aware of the Twitter url shortening rules now
  • Quite some possible crashes / empty timeline problems

And as it didn’t take to long till this update came – I had quite a hard discussion with WordPress so in fact it is already out for more than two weeks without this news entry 🙂