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Damn, I’ve been fighting with myself quite some time now but in the end a decision had to be made and finally here it is:

With the beginning of 2015 I have stopped all my commercial products like Winslew, Nymphicus or Chapper. This means you can’t buy new licenses anymore but the apps keep working.

I came from the Open Source community and tried to get at least enough money out of Windows tools to cover the costs (which it did some time for the direct costs but not for the extended like the German taxes) but failed.

But this does not mean the end of the tools – maybe it’s even a new start for some of them as I will Open Source all of them (give me some time, need to remove the licensing code and strip out confidential api keys first. They’ll be on my Open Source GitHub. I am looking forward for Nymphicus as there are some real fans out there who might want to extend it and even more for Menere which didn’t start to fly but as soon as you will see the source you notice quite some progress between last release and current state.

To summarise the reasons: never got the business to fly completely (I was very close to on the peak of, not having enough time (full-time employed) and since the end of 2014 not having a Windows PC anymore.

Really looking forward – if you want to contribute to one or more of the projects let me know and I speed up the process of cleaning the code for GitHub. And to be clear again: I will not stop woking on the projects – my pace just has become – well, you know the frequency of my last updates.