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Just uploaded Chapper 1.4 to the download server and activated the auto update for it.

Chapper 1.4 now supports user streaming – this means timeline, mentions and and even messages are now fetched immediately when written and not with a gap of quite some seconds.

This means in fact that you can use now messages (PM, Patter) as a realtime chat as you see the answers immediately. You need to see this live to get how great it is (or maybe you’ve seen it previously with some Twitter clients).

I planned to add another feature to Chapper 1.4 but have been overtaken by a really bad bug of mine: since 2 days or so Chapper 1.3 started to refetch the same entries again and again and again which of course made it unusable. Becasue of thisĀ Chapper 1.4 is also a MAJOR BUGFIX so please update your installation as soon as possible.

Chapper 1.5 will bring the other big feature I was currently working on (the search API) later on.

Sorry for the inconvenience and have fun with the streaming.