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Chapper 1.2Chapper is a small client designed to be focused on the main things and having no not need stuff. It is the little brother of Nymphicus for Windows and shares much code, ideas and know how with it. So here is what Chapper is about:

  • single window layout
  • as small as possible to not use much of your screen
  • one account
  • one window
  • notifications using Snarl
  • Patter integration
  • File API image uploads

Chapper is also the place where I do try new stuff in a (relative) small environment before I add a similar function to the much more complex Nymphiucs (multi accounts, multi protocol, Views, …).

It needs the .NET 4.5 framework to be installed

Download Chapper Changelog


There might be problems with the authorization of your account if you are behind a proxy – I try to fix this as soon as possible. If you are able to temporarily disable the proxy the auth should work and then all features will work with the proxy reenabled.

Chapper is license on a per username base (because of this please provide your username on payment) and a license costs 2,99 EUR.
User of Nymphicus for Windows don’t need an extra license key as the one for Nymphicus is valid for Chapper too (but not vice versa).
You can download and test Chapper before paying as long as you want – there is no difference but only the text in the title of the main window.
When you purchase is complete please be patient – I do create all licenses manually so it might take some minutes of hours till I send you your code.


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