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What do we have for you today? It’s Nymphicus for Windows 1.2 Release Candidate.

So what is new in 1.2 compared to 1.1.4?

  • Facebook integration added
  • If Snarl is started after Nymphicus (or restarted during run time) app and classes are now (re)registered
  • Filter now can be applied on the sending application/client name (both Twitter and Facebook)
  • Deactivating a filter in a view definition now immediately brings back items which were hidden because of this filter
  • Buttons overlay for user image now with animation. This makes the delay until the main window is responding on mouse on startup much smaller
  • Pressing the fav button on a tweet now a background thread – user interface stays accessible
  • Account selector (e. g. in compose or search window) now shows the account color
  • On various points the fullname instead of only username is shown (as Facebook username often is only a number)
  • Replying on item with multiple Twitter accounts being mentioned: done as reply all with the additional username selected to easily remove them by just starting to write
  • Conversation view: see the full conversation on replies and direct messages by pressing the small message type icon
  • Speed and performance optimizations
  • Snarl notifications on inital fetch now reliable not being displayed (no more screen flooding)
  • Smooth scrolling now disabled – now changing the current view is more or less instant and the filter box is back to filter as you type (you don’t need hit enter anymore.
    This is a massive (!) performance boost but anyway if you liked to old smooth scrolling you can reenable it in the preferences
  • Compose window opens now at the same location as the main window
  • Fix: Recent tweets in UserInfo window was unreliable
IMPORTANT for users of older betas: Please remove any Facebook account and add it again afterwards as the old authorizations do not include all needed permissions to display user infos and comments.