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Tweet Marker

Tweet Marker is an awesome service provided by @manton for setting and getting the “last read” tweet for a given Twitter user. It can be used to sync the reading position between multiple Twitter clients and platforms.

Nymphicus for Windows starts with version 1.4 to fully integrate Tweet Marker. All the following are both received and send:

  • Timeline
  • Mentions
  • Direct messages
  • Lists
  • Searches

It is enabled by default.

If you want to have deeper informations of how it is handled read on – otherwise have fun.

When implementing Tweet Marker in Nymphicus for Windows embedding the service itself has not been the challenge (thanks to a quite easy to implement API). But there has been a huge challenge: The Views concept.

Tweet Marker is focused on the idea to have homogeneous display of tweet types (one list view per timeline, mentions, list, search, …).

In Nymphicus we have mixed views being collected of many different types and even accounts in one View. So here is how I finally implemented it:

  • When opening a View Nymphicus collects all used lists of items (timelines, mentions) and detects the oldest one of all of them you have not seen until now. So it’s quite normal that Nymphicus scrolls to a posistion where there are already items above
  • When changing a View or closing the app at all Nymphicus detects the currently topmost shown item and then goes through all subscribed accounts and tweet types and calculates the newest one which is below the topmost shown item.

I think already by reading how I try to explain how it works you see that the solution itself is complex but(!) you don’t need to worry about that.