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Nymphicus 2.0 Public Beta

Nymphicus for Windows 2.0 – public BETA program


Welcome to the Nymphicus for Windows public beta program. On this page you will get all information about the ongoing progress of Nymphicus for Windows 2.0 development and the public releases.

Nymphicus for Windows 2.0 is aimed to be a major update to the current Nymphicus 1.x released and will be a free update to all paying customers (as promissed: one time payed, all updates ever included). The two main points of 2.0 are a complete redesign and the being the first Windows Desktop client for

This is work in progress and here is what is done completely, what is worked on and which has to be implemented till 2.0 final. And as long as it called beta it might (and will) have bugs and not all features will be already included.

Please give us any feedback on or Read the changelog for detailed progress.



  • integration. Already completed:
    • Account authorization
    • Compose new posts
    • Reply, repost and star
    • Full Views integration
    • User info window including following
    • Snarl notifications
  • Bug fixes about replying to Retweets
  • Bug fixes about possible crashes
  • Update Facebook integration to new API

Partly done

  • Redesign
  • TweetMarker optimizations
  • Optimizations about CPU and RAM

To be done


Nymphicus for Windows BETA has an integrated notification if newer versions are released.