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Due to the great response for my 1.1 release (which is only two days old…) and an overwhelming work by Ben who put together many ideas and wishes on UserVoice and having two free days Winslew 1.2 now is available already for download.

So what’s new in this release?

  • Cache view selector (online, more, less) is now a dropdown box to get more space on title bar and have room for more options on future versions
  • Open in external browser added (UserVoice 568063)
  • Copy current item url to clipboard added (UserVoice 568063)
  • Added context menu to items to toggle read state, open in browser and so on (UserVoice 568143)
  • When opening the “Add item” window and the clipboard has an URL stored this url is pasted into the url-textbox automatically
  • Statusbar shown information about current API usage of user and Winslew (UserVoice 515029)
  • If API limits gets critical a Snarl notification is shown (UserVoice 515029)
  • Snarl notification on cache updated added
  • Snarl not running hint added to statusbar (UserVoice 568681)
  • Update cache window is now semitransparent
  • Delete button now really stays on screen all the time…

The next release will be about having a forth view next to online, more and less which shall provide an offline version of the webpage including as much as possible media (mainly stylesheets and images) which is covered by UserVoice 560313. Because of the complexity of this task this might take a little longer than the two days of the last update 🙂