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Finally Chapper got all the features I planned to be in 1.0 Рso here it is!

The most important change (since the last beta) is the option to upload photos directly in Chapper.

Also the sometimes very massive RAM usage has now been killed – even when I ran Chapper many, many hours it always stayed under 100 MBytes (which is still much but WPF always needs quite some RAM).

Also included is the fix for the posting time display which didn’t respect local timezones in the betas.

Finally I updated all internal code to the current API of (meaning Chapper now has all migrations set to “current” and the change by by the end of March will be no problem for Chapper (Nymphicus to follow).

Notes for users of the betas

  • Your beta just stopped working – this not because I want to be bad but because of the migrations now set to current (see above). So please update to 1.0 now
  • When starting Chapper 1.0 for the first time you need to reauthorize as Chapper now needs persmission to access the File API