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Long time no blog post. But the reason is we have been focused in getting both Nymphicus versions (Windows and Mac) ready for a 1.0 release. I am today happy to officially tell you that we have the plan to release them in early June to the public. Here are the two official icons – first the one for Windows, second the one for the Mac

Nymphicus_icon_512_freigestellt NymphicusBirdIcon

Until then I will give you some short teasers in various blog posts about some of the main features that make Nymphicus that special.

Let’s start today with filters. In Nymphicus you can define both blacklist and whitelist filters to be applied on all your views (what a view is will be explained in a later blog post). Every filter can search for texts within the username, the text or both. If it is a blacklist filter the tweet won’t be displayed – if it is a whitelist filter is is shown regardless if a following blacklist would hit it.

Filters are serial – you can apply as many as you want in a row.

FilterMac.jpg WinFilterPreferences

If you want to get access to a beta version we will be happy to give you access to a test version. Beta testers filing at least one bug report will get the final release with a 50% discount on Windows – I hope we can do so on the Mac too but we are new to the App Store and first need to figure out if / how this might be done there.