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Last night at round about 2:00 AM local German time the important email hit our mailboxes: Nymphicus for Mac 1.0 has been reviewed by Apple and is now available in the Mac App Store. So exciting to see all our work from over half a year now getting out on the street to you.

MacMainWindowOverview MacComposeWindow Mac_UserInfo Mac_Preferences_Accounts MacSearchWIndow FirstWindow

We wouldn’t be programmers by if we wouldn’t already working on the first update which will be Nymphicus 1.1. This update will bring the last features we originally planned already for 1.0 (mainly Read It Later and Twitlonger) as well as some nice new ideas and for sure some bugfixes which will for sure come by the time more people use it and find some issues neither we nor the beta testers found.

But now I am dancing to “On the floor” by Jennifer Lopez just feeling good 🙂