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I can’t believe it but just a few seconds ago I uploaded the official final Nymphicus for Windows 1.0 setup to my webserver and it can now be downloaded, tested and purchased by everyone.

After more than a half year of concept, development and testing we are very proud that it is done now.

MainWindowNymphicus UserInfo ComposeWindowSetup SearchWindow

If you wonder where the Mac version is – be patient as we need to be patient too. Also Nymphicus for Mac 1.0 is done and ready to download – as soon as the Mac App Store review process is completed. We can’t say how soon that will be but I think within the next few days I can add another blog post here… 🙂

Also the website has been updated in many places – the most important changes are:

Beta testers all get a free license code as a big thank you. I already added hopefully all of you to my central license database so Nymphicus should pick up the license automatically. Please send me an email if not.

We already have a roadmap for 1.1 and will start working on it now 🙂

But for today I think both of us are ready for some kind of party.