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Just in front of a new week in the office teaser 3 of the upcoming Twitter client Nymphicus is here.

Today we’ll have a look at the link and image management in Nymphicus. So let’s start with the links:

Nymphicus supports some different link shortening services to shorten links in your tweet.

Pasted Graphic (Mac)

Win_SelectLinkShortener (Windows)

This one part of the link management. On the other hand Nymphicus is able to decode most of the available link shortener and you get a tooltip over the link about its real destination.

Pasted Graphic 1 (Mac)

As an alternative you can choose that the extracted link shall be displayed direct in the tweet display so you can see it directly.

Win_ExpandedLink (Windows)

As with link shorteners it is quite similar with the image services. You can choose several of them for image uploading:

Pasted Graphic 2 (Mac)

Win_SelectIMageService (Windows)

And also images are extracted and are displayed in a tooltip for a short first look at them.

Pasted Graphic 3 (Mac)

Win_IMageTooltip (Windows)

In general I want to note that Nymphicus can extract much more servies (both link shortener and image uploaders) – not only the few it can use to shorten / upload. The architecture is quite open open – if the ultimate service may occur we can be fast to use it 🙂