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First of all thanks to all the users and testers having given feedback in the last months and weeks. As a result I have collected quite some ideas about what a Nymphicus 2.0 would be.

The short version: it’s about design.

First of all my current plans include to get rid of most of the many buttons we now have (and thanks to your feedback already know where it will be going). Back when Nymphicus “only” used to be a Twitter client the buttons made sense and were not that many. But with extending to Facebook and Google Reader (and maybe more in the future…) the buttons flooded the interface.

Second is composing messages. A quite often wish has been to include the compose textbox directly into the window instead of opening a new small one – so composing is now be planned to be on bottom of the main window.

Third is multi column view. It took quite some time till some of you finally convinced me that Nymphicus should have the option(!) that more than one View should be shown at once. This is – as seen from the coding – a small step but it’ll change dramtically who might be happy with Nymphicus (as it’ll be optional it’s about more happy users.

Fourth is the final completion of the longterm wish about integrating Tweet Marker. In this case all the API calling stuff is already in Nymphicus since many months but it has not been easy to bring the Views concept together with traditional approach of Tweet Marker (one column per type). I have now the concepts but it will be quite some coding till it’ll work. But maybe (depending on my free time the next weeks – all this stuff here is my hobby next to my fulltime job…) I might put an intermediate 1.4 with “only” this feature. But this is no promise…!

Fifth is something I am not sure right now. The downside is the number of known installations and the number of received license purchases – well – differs a little bit to much in my opinion so I think about adding payment reminders within the Views (something like every 50th entry or so). This is something I would like to avoid but in the end it looks like… 🙁

Finally a personal note: thank you guys for using & feedback – I really appreciate every feedback!