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The news here is quite later than the actual release – but as Winslew includes an auto update mechanism you might already have been noticed of the newest update to Winslew.

Winslew 1.4 is mostly about administration of many items more easily. So we now have with most of the buttons the option to start their action at more than one item if you select two or more. For example mark three items in the list and press the delete button – all three will be gone. Also the tag editing has been greatly improved. Now additionally to the single item tag editing you can now add or remove tags to/from as many items as you want at once.

The second new big feature is an image upload. If you have a local image file on your harddisk and want to save it to Read It Later you are now able to do so. Just hit the upload button and it is submitted to the image hoster Imgur and added to your Read It Later account.

I want to thank Henry for his great ideas and feedback (I am quite sure he is the one with the most items in Winslew at all). Both the requests for the multiple item functions as well as the image upload are based on his ideas. Thank you Henry!

Sadly one feature from the previous release is gone – the printing function caused more trouble than it should so I had to remove it. The most sad part is that because of Microsofts “interesting” combination of Windows and Office I am even not able to add it for myself in the moment – I think I need to find another around the MS ways to do so…

Winslew 1.5 now really will focus on the automatic license retrieval – can’t be that due to spam filters you users sometimes have difficulties to get your paid Winslew licenses. Hopefully we see it in end September.