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Just a few days ago I released a small update version of Winslew which now reached version 1.5.1. This small update is mainly about some bugfixes and includes a much better renderer for the full page cache generator which now captures much more images than it did before.

Winslew 1.6 is in the works and is planned for early 2011 and will finally get rid of the current webpage renderer which is Internet Explorer based with all it’s negative aspects like slow and bad rendering and all popping up dialogs about content being blocked and so on. Winslew 1.6 will use Webkit and my firsts tests it is not only nicer but also very much faster.

Also I added today a very small first teaser of the second application I will develop under the trademark “lI’ Ghun”. Nymphicus will be an all new Twitter client both for Mac and Windows (and both of them developed natively!) with an all new approach for power users of Twitter. More teasers as I make more progress – concept is done, first small proof of concept test apps are running but don’t expect it to early in 2011.

Happy Holidays and a Happy new year 2011 to all of you.