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After all the work on Nymphicus 1.0 und 1.1 it was time again to finally bring out a new version of Winslew which covers most of the current user wishes and fixes a bug I found during work on Nymphicus. So what’s new this time?

First and most important change is a full browser control available for the content window. This means an address bar, stop, reload, previous and next buttons. So if you want Winslew 1.7 is now a more or less complete WebKit based browser. Also small but nice change: There is now a small progress bar on the bottom while page is loaded so you see that Winslew is working.

When I changed to WebKit I saw many new possibilities (like the full browser) and one of them is the option to easily integrate a print button. Those of you having used some older Winslew version know there has had been one in the past part in real world it was far to unstable so I removed it. It’s back now and this time it is stable 🙂

Next to some minor bugfixes there has been a quite huge one I never saw as my own Windows setups don’t cover that case: When you installed Winslew on a Windows Vista / 7 and your current user did not have administration privileges the setting where not stored correctly on first start and even worse the start menu entries have not been created. This is fixed in 1.7 – sorry for the inconvenience.

Finally some word to the future of Winslew. Oh, I think starting a paragraph like this might create some fear but no, the future is bright. I think about going to something like a 2.0 with a quite improved interface (I have learned so much with Nymphicus…) and I also think about adding Instapaper as second option – what would you think…?

One more thing: Those of you following me for quite some time (also on my open source projects) know having finished a software means I want to start the next one. So here are my next three things I want to do (in order of when I plan to start them):

  • An online dog agility tournament administration system with an offline application for administration of the tournament when it is running (both fully out of the pain I do have myself as being the guy responsible for such things in my club).
  • A full featured Google Reader client (my open source one Desktop Google Reader is “only” for unread items
  • A text editor based on Git meaning unlimited going back in old versions with a text centered interface.