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Nymphicus for Windows 1.2 Release Candidate available now!

As always with software development it took a little bit longer than hoped but now we are ready to go – download the release candidate here the 1.2 final here.

We plan to release the final version (which should be identical to the RC if no bugs are found) within one week – working now on a longer description on all the new stuff including screenshots and even some short videos.

Nymphicus for Windows 1.2 Beta 2 with Facebook available for testing

The progress on the next release of Nymphicus for Windows has been great the last weeks so that after we have had some tests with a limited testers group we now gonna open it as a public beta for everyone. So if you would like to try using Nymphicus, its special idea of the Views and the Snarl integration now also with Facebook (any mixture possible) have a look at our beta download page.

As you can test yourself the current Beta 2 is already quite usable and has all the most wanted features already up and running it is still a beta so if you find something not working as expected let us know so we are able to finish a final release as soon as possible.

Soon: Nymphicus 1.2, Winslew 1.7.1 and Huntur

First of all I just wanna say I am back from our awesome vacation to Norway which has been the main reason I didn’t post any update here in the blogs for quite some time. I just can say you should visit (northern) Norway if you did not already.

So being back now some days (or even weeks already) I want to give you a brief update on what we are currently working and what you can expect soon (more or less).

First of all Nymphicus 1.2: The Mac version is already in final testing stage and is mainly about the three points performance, stability and design which are the three most noted points user have been telling us we should improve. The performance is quite boosted in the new version as Michael did an own implementation of the Mac OS X listview control which is quite great in variability but can be some pain when it comes to scrolling with many and complex entries.

The Windows version 1.2 will take some more time but I am currently working (and have already made great progress) on its main new feature: different account types. By that I mean that you can then also mix your Facebook account(s) with your Twitter accounts which is one more point where the Views concept comes greatly into play. Having said Facebook I say it’s the first non-Twitter account type – but the planings do include stuff like Google+ and maybe something like – the now already implemented data structure in Nymphicus for Windows is quite open so I can add new account types by “only” creating there specific API calls and methods (e. g. Facebook means I need a like button, a comment section and so on). Also 1.2 will of course bring some new features of the Twitter part – the main thing wished by the greatest Nymphicus fan out there 😉 is a conversation view.
I also think (since quite some time) to integrate Tweetmarker which means you can sync your current read state between different clients and computers (or smartphones). In fact I even think about making Tweetmarker an own intermediate release and postpone the Facebook part for the next release. Let me know what you prefer by contacting me on Twitter.

Winslew also will get a smaller update quite soon out of a user request: You can disable the caching and only fetch the more and less versions directly online. That said the plans for Winslew 2.0 are already in my mind but it will take some time as I need to go to the office every day 😉

Finally the work on Huntur has started. Huntur is a new tool (in fact two: online and desktop) for quite a small group of people: those who do dog agility (like I do) and want to host a tournament and/or take part at one (register online, get confirmation and so on). To let the possible buyers group become even smaller I currently only plan to do it in German and so the dedicated Huntur webpage is German only and will possibly stay German. Anyway a short description here in English: Online system to advertise tournaments for clubs, administer the registrations of starters and some more now secret features plus a desktop application (Windows only for now) to administer the tournament itself (entering time & errors, creating lists, calculating winner and so on). Personally this is my learning project for Ruby on Rails which is (I can already say that now) an amazing language for online systems (did PHP only before).

So stay tuned – I know I do want to do to much at the same time but I’ll try (and even have already a deadline for Huntur ;)).

Nymphicus for Mac 1.1 out now

Nymphicus for Mac 1.1 just hit the Mac AppStore and it got not only stability updates and bugfixes, but several new features:

1) German localization has been added.


2) Support for ReadItLater, Instapaper, Delicious and Pinboard: Send URLs in Tweets to these services



3) TwitLonger support added: Send Tweets which are longer than 140 characters. View complete TwitLonger-Text as tooltip.



4) Support for key shortcuts:
⌘N for a new Tweet
⌘I lets you upload an image
⌘S shortens all URLs in your Tweet
⌘+Enter to send Tweet
⌘S to open search window
⌘R to manually refresh tweets
⌘, to open Preferences

5) You can now configure your Growl notifications for every single account, list and saved search

6) Not new but not mentioned until now officially: Nymphicus for Mac is fully compatible with Mac OS X Lion (this has been true for 1.0 already)

Winslew 1.7 has been released / lI' Ghun next

After all the work on Nymphicus 1.0 und 1.1 it was time again to finally bring out a new version of Winslew which covers most of the current user wishes and fixes a bug I found during work on Nymphicus. So what’s new this time?

First and most important change is a full browser control available for the content window. This means an address bar, stop, reload, previous and next buttons. So if you want Winslew 1.7 is now a more or less complete WebKit based browser. Also small but nice change: There is now a small progress bar on the bottom while page is loaded so you see that Winslew is working.

When I changed to WebKit I saw many new possibilities (like the full browser) and one of them is the option to easily integrate a print button. Those of you having used some older Winslew version know there has had been one in the past part in real world it was far to unstable so I removed it. It’s back now and this time it is stable 🙂

Next to some minor bugfixes there has been a quite huge one I never saw as my own Windows setups don’t cover that case: When you installed Winslew on a Windows Vista / 7 and your current user did not have administration privileges the setting where not stored correctly on first start and even worse the start menu entries have not been created. This is fixed in 1.7 – sorry for the inconvenience.

Finally some word to the future of Winslew. Oh, I think starting a paragraph like this might create some fear but no, the future is bright. I think about going to something like a 2.0 with a quite improved interface (I have learned so much with Nymphicus…) and I also think about adding Instapaper as second option – what would you think…?

One more thing: Those of you following me for quite some time (also on my open source projects) know having finished a software means I want to start the next one. So here are my next three things I want to do (in order of when I plan to start them):

  • An online dog agility tournament administration system with an offline application for administration of the tournament when it is running (both fully out of the pain I do have myself as being the guy responsible for such things in my club).
  • A full featured Google Reader client (my open source one Desktop Google Reader is “only” for unread items
  • A text editor based on Git meaning unlimited going back in old versions with a text centered interface.

Nymphicus for Windows 1.1 has been relased

The first update of Nymphicus for Windows has just hit the download server and can now be installed by you. And here are all changes in this update:

1) Read It Later, Instapaper, and sending of single links or complete tweets has been added to the enhanced context menu



2) Twitlonger is now integrated – so if you write a tweet with more than 140 characters it is automatically shortened. The other way round if someone write a Twitlonger text it is shown in full in the list window directly – no extra clicking on the (cont) link needed



3) In general there are quite some new context menu items – e. g. the possibility to decide which of your accounts you want to use to retweet a tweet.


4) Links in info boxes are now always clickable


5) And here the rest of the changelog:

  • Streaming interface error handling greatly improved
  • Sending in compose window not triggered by presseing Return but Ctrl+Return now (to write multiline tweets)
  • Update available window now more polished
  • Startup account verification now background thread -> windows stays accessible and its faster
  • Search in search window now a background thread -> window stays usable during search
  • Create view window of First Start Wizard greatly enhanced and now used also when adding a view in preferences
    • select all
    • invert selection
    • select all of one kind at once
  • Update check is now a background thread and does not slow down startup anymore
  • New list creation window nicer design, name textbox max length 25 chars (limit from Twitter) and if an error occures the info about is shown in a message box
  • Number of items in the main window is now limited to save RAM – for now to 500 items in maximum (if more the oldest are not shown)
  • Compose window now has TopMost-flag to be (if possible) in front of all windows currently open
  • Fix: Setup did not create start menu entries and first start was done on wrong user account if using non privileged account on Vista/7
  • Fix: Edit lists window did not show correct list of lists directly after opening
  • Fix: Filter were not applied on items directly loaded on startup but only for updates
  • Fix: Retweets done using the actions menu in a Snarl notification were not shown (updated) in list window
  • Some more smaller bugfixes

Nymphicus for Mac 1.1 will follow in a few days…

Nymphicus for Mac 1.0 available in the Mac App Store now!

Last night at round about 2:00 AM local German time the important email hit our mailboxes: Nymphicus for Mac 1.0 has been reviewed by Apple and is now available in the Mac App Store. So exciting to see all our work from over half a year now getting out on the street to you.

MacMainWindowOverview MacComposeWindow Mac_UserInfo Mac_Preferences_Accounts MacSearchWIndow FirstWindow

We wouldn’t be programmers by if we wouldn’t already working on the first update which will be Nymphicus 1.1. This update will bring the last features we originally planned already for 1.0 (mainly Read It Later and Twitlonger) as well as some nice new ideas and for sure some bugfixes which will for sure come by the time more people use it and find some issues neither we nor the beta testers found.

But now I am dancing to “On the floor” by Jennifer Lopez just feeling good 🙂

Nymphicus for Windows 1.0 out now!

I can’t believe it but just a few seconds ago I uploaded the official final Nymphicus for Windows 1.0 setup to my webserver and it can now be downloaded, tested and purchased by everyone.

After more than a half year of concept, development and testing we are very proud that it is done now.

MainWindowNymphicus UserInfo ComposeWindowSetup SearchWindow

If you wonder where the Mac version is – be patient as we need to be patient too. Also Nymphicus for Mac 1.0 is done and ready to download – as soon as the Mac App Store review process is completed. We can’t say how soon that will be but I think within the next few days I can add another blog post here… 🙂

Also the website has been updated in many places – the most important changes are:

Beta testers all get a free license code as a big thank you. I already added hopefully all of you to my central license database so Nymphicus should pick up the license automatically. Please send me an email if not.

We already have a roadmap for 1.1 and will start working on it now 🙂

But for today I think both of us are ready for some kind of party.